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Scott Klein gives us a dark vision into his world with his debut album ‘Jesse’s Hotel’

Scott Klein is certainly an enigma and so is his music. ‘Jesse’s Hotel’ is an album that takes the listener from darkly romantic themes to dreamy yet sinful confessions. Scott’s haunting tenor voice and folk-influenced, slow rock sound is reminiscent of another era, so prepare to be whisked away.

Discussing the new album, Scott Klein shares:

"A lot of this album were songs I had written on the west coast, I feel that comes out a bit in the recordings, I pull from the 50s 60s and 70s and some from the punk era, I can say anything really, but it comes out how it comes out, I think the things I listen to and read are really just a backing track but where the songs actually come from who knows, but they are honest experiences or dreams that had to come out. What I shoot for is honesty. You can't pin it down to one genre and it's a good thing because the process is always evolving.”


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