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Sean J O'Neill releases charming single 'I'm Here'

'I'm Here' is the most recent release from Australian producer Sean J O'Neill, whose record encompasses the sounds of a simpler time. With sounds of the natural world poking through enchanting string and woodwind arrangements, Sean discusses the writing of his newest work:

New single ‘I’m Here’ is a unique combination of folk, experimental and modern classical music, inviting the audience into uncharted sonic environments where the listener is rewarded with new textural discoveries upon every listen.”

Sean creates music that pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a singer-songwriter. With influences ranging from Sufjan Stevens, Brian Eno and being constantly compared to acts such as Bon Iver, Sigur Ros and Fleet Foxes. ‘I’m Here’ is an intimate, diverse journey into the world of one of alternative music’s most exciting artists.


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