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Serge Alex continues his ascent with the passionate new single 'ONE NIGHT'

Photo: Nneamaka Odom

Having already built a strong and immersive array of releases since emerging these last few years, blossoming R&B talent Serge Alex looks to continue his vibrant ascent with the shimmering new single 'ONE NIGHT'.

Capturing more of that warm and atmospheric nature he is known for, 'ONE NIGHT' makes for an incredibly rich and textured listen. With his sweet and tender vocal performance layered across an ethereal production throughout, he is certainly looking to lure us in with this captivating new cut.

Adding about 'ONE NIGHT', he said, “ONE NIGHT means a lot to me because it touches more on my introspection part of hookup culture rather than accusing the individual for leaving me. But bigger than that, I am proud of this track because I did it all on my own with the limited resources I had at the time.”


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