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"Settings" is the latest energetic single from Anglo-Belgian artist InHibit

Gaining media attention from across the globe, InHibit is an artist that refuses to let anyone walk all over him. Creating innovative music that doesn't need to be categorised or labelled, the latest single from InHibit is energetic release, 'Settings'. Taken from his forthcoming debut EP, which is looking to be a fantastic release, 'Settings' is fuelled with alternative rock sensibilities and comes across as confident yet vulnerable in places. Talking about the exceptional release, InHibit mentions, “It's a song about the way we chain ourselves and the way we are chained (by others and by society).  It's something quite abstract, it's a very personal song.”

Bathed in a melody that will bury itself into your brain, 'Settings' is powerful and one of the best tracks from InHibit so far.


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