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Shawn Emanuel wears his heart on his sleeve in passionate single ‘Messed Up’

Speaking on the hardship of letting go of a relationship that you realise isn’t good for you anymore, Shawn Emanuel gets relatable on his latest release ‘Messed Up’, and shows off his soulful vocals that really cut deep. Shawn laments "I stayed for us, but you messed it up". The catchy track is dynamic and sultry, and allows listeners to really connect with the message and get lost in the luxe melodies.

“‘Messed Up’ is based on a moment of realisation, when you've been pushed to the edge, you've had enough and you decide to put yourself first. I remember humming the melody on the way home from work, and killed myself to quickly get home and lay it down. Then I had to work out how to get live horns and guitar on the track... I had a lot of fun creating this record, I hope people enjoy it as much as I do” - Shawn Emanuel

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