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Singer-songwriter Emilia Tarrant shares wistful folky single "September"

This is absolutely lovely, just gorgeous, and if that constituted a review, we would probably stop here, urge you to go listen and allow Emilia Tarrant's music to speak for itself. However, since we're in the line of wordsmithing, we'll go on. Set against a full band backdrop, this British singer-songwriter gives her best vocal performance to date in that familiar melancholic style for newest piece of penmanship 'September'. As we've come to learn through past releases like "Honeymoon Phase" and "Here You Are, Again", her music is for big feelings and deep thinkers, an escape from life's daily stresses as you try to process your own emotions.

Emilia explains the journey that brought us all here:“September has to be my favourite song from my debut Honeymoon Phase EP. I wrote it with the lovely Archie Faulks back in September (of course) last year, during a time when I was quite reflective on 2020 and the end of summer. I feel September is a month of ‘drawing the curtains’ as autumn arrives, which can be quite tough, and ‘tender’ for some. We took lyrical inspiration from the events of the month, my favourites having to be ‘berries are bitter, the swallows have flown’. I loved exploring this sort of lyricism with Archie, as well as picking up it’s pace with producer Luke Potashnick (Gabrielle Aplin) in the studio. As the final track of the EP, we wanted its production to be quite ethereal; a calming way to encapsulate and reflect on the EP as a collection of thoughts.”

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