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Single Ruin Drops EP

Producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Single Ruin continues his run of alt-pop releases in his upcoming EP, named Unique. The body of work is loaded with strong lyrical content which boast the artist's depth in emotive writing ability.

Single Ruin has been developing intrinsically over a number of years. Whilst working as a producer at Brighton electric, Single Ruin realised there is a pressure to get good results in a studio in short amount of time. Craving time for creative freedom Single Ruin developed his own studio Basement58 where he honed in on all aspects of his sound before experimenting in secretive live shows.

“I tasked myself with creating an Idea a day at the start, it didn't have to be a full song, it could be anything that sparked a new idea.” - Single Ruin

Since his first release in 2020, Single Ruin has consistently shown diversity in songwriting and an abundance of skill in production. His snarling single “Careful Now” was received warmly by music taste makers like Earmilk and Clout, and received radio plays on BBC Sussex. For the release of the shiny “Pure-Magic”, Single Ruin teamed up with Ian Coulson to create a Kieth Haring-esc video. Using green screen and bright face paint the video perfectly visualises Single Ruin’s uniquely rebellious look.

Despite being in the early stages of the musical project, Single Ruin landed himself a tour support with Fickle Friends and headlined Swedish festival Solbergfestivalen. His previous releases tell alt-pop stories of struggling relationships with developed creative production to give these seeming simple topics a unique edge.

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