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Sir Christopher Saint debuts "God Made Me Gay"

Today, emerging music artist Sir Christopher Saint releases his debut single “God Made Me Gay, an atmospheric rally cry for everyone to want to live their truth despite naysayers and haters trying to pressure them to conform and hide who they truly are.

Penned by Sir Christopher Saint and by Brooke Tomlinson, one of his favourite songwriters, is a true labour of love and powerful anthem that was inspired by Sir Christopher Saint’s own journey to acceptance. “God Made Me Gay” is a deeply reflective and honest track pulling from the love and acceptance created out of the LGBTQ+ community and blended with Sir Christopher Saint’s dynamic vision for his artist project.

Speaking about the release, Sir Christopher Saint states “This song is about God’s eternal love for all of us. I love in “Born This Way” when Lady Gaga sang, "I'm beautiful in my way ‘cause God makes no mistakes.”

Speaking further, he says “As a queer person, I’ve had to overcome a lot of conditioning and noise from the world that told me I’m not loved for who I am. I truly believe God created me perfectly and with a purpose to introduce a new conversation of love to the masses. This song is a powerful introduction of my message and my truth as a spiritual and artistic voice."


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