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Sofia Martynova will get you up and dancing with new single “Flexy”

Sofia Martynova has excelled in creative fields. She’s been studying and performing music since the age of five, and she’s also been carving out a successful figure skating career since 2016. With a strong visual/sonic partnership, she’s set to take the music industry by storm. Her latest single “Flexy” is an infectious new offering that will be sure to get you up and dancing. With warm and immersive instrumentation, the track provides a refreshing take on dance music.

Speaking about the track, she says: “The song is positive, energetic and joyful. It would be great if people would feel positive and energised while listening to this song.

Martynova’s previous releases have gone on to gather over 70,000 streams on Spotify and land over 12,000 views on YouTube. We can see “Flexy” doing the same.

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