Solidarity in sadness: Emilia Tarrant's new single 'Here You Are, Again'

British newcomer Emilia Tarrant has been steadily building up a solid reputation within the singer-songwriter and pop realm since breaking through in 2019 with single "If You Want Love". What would have been a career highlight - supporting Jade Bird at Glastonbury Festival last year - was inevitably put off due to the pandemic, but that hasn't stopped this earnest young talent. Her third release of the year is "Here You Are, Again" is a stirring ballad which shows off the emotive and personable quality of Emilia's voice, surely also propelled by the weighty meaning of this song's lyrics. "Why's it always me?" is one of those existential question that haunts us all, so the listener can relate this to their experience of the pandemic, like Emilia has, or some other life stress. This honesty is strangely soothing, very much a sense of unity through the sadness.