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Soran reveals celestial new single 'Space Boy'

After a series of singles, rising artist Soran finds himself embarking on a whole new artistic era with his latest electro - pop single, 'Space boy'.

Emerging onto the music scene with his self-titled EP in 2018, following a plethora of covers & originals which did the rounds on social media, Soran has carefully cultivated a unique following of fans.

After teasing fans across the board with glimpses leading up to the release, listeners can finally enjoy the hazy, laidback soundscapes whilst embracing the authentic and lyrically vulnerable experience Soran shares in 'Space Boy'.

With this new release Soran has pushed his production further, feeling more in control than ever as he prepares for a turning point in his career and what's to come. Named as his "favourite project yet", the well-known artist of Montreal shows his more experimental side which embodies a more futuristic sound in 'Space Boy' all whilst honouring his late mother and his heritage.

From growing up surrounded by his father's musical instruments to now hosting over millions of streams, Soran is ready for monumental elevation, he may be blasting off to space but this one feels close to home.

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