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Spotlight: solo artist Kid Apollo

A versatile singer-songwriter and producer, Kid Apollo is an exciting emerging talent from Derry, Ireland. It sounds like this guy has been making music as K.A. for donkeys yet he has only recently started this solo project (during the first lockdown to be precise). His upcoming single ‘Shameless’ is ear candy to say the least. It’s out this Friday and honestly, you gotta hear it.

Kid Apollo showcases his gorgeous vocal tone as he sings lyrics that will resonate with many former party-goers (that is, before the pandemic hit). ‘Shameless’ is the perfect blend of the quotidian and the profound. Smoke that lingers; empty bottles of alcohol; boys pent up with the potential to fight, fuelled by their ego and adolescent hormones…

This is a song to lament to, cry to and also bop your body to, all at the same time. ‘Shameless’ is a downtempo, chilled song with soft, warm acoustics and eerie layers of synth. A hip-hop beat creates a unique juxtaposition between genres and gives this track a modern edge à la Daman Albarn.

Kid Apollo announces his new single with his own sharp wit right here:

‘Shameless’ is out to stream and download on all digital platforms this Friday 26th!

Follow Kid Apollo: Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Spotify


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