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Starita delivers New Dawn Remix of Seán Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band's 'Dark Night'

Having already established himself as one of the brightest names emerging on the scene right now, with collaborations with A Tribe Called Quest and Childish Gambino already under his belt, Grammy-recognised artist and songwriter Starita continues his progressive ascent with the immersive New dawn remix of Seán Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band's 'Dark Night'.

Bringing back more of that adventurous ideal that has been such an integral part of his rise so far, the New Dawn remix gives the original release a far more atmospheric texture. With its sweet and warming textures alongside glittering vocals throughout, he is returning with something truly mesmerising here.

Original artist Seán Johnson said, “I hope that the song is a vehicle for people to tap into their own grief, and instead of feeling paralyzed by it, to move, to dance, to find a way to express it that feels healing and liberating.”

While Starita added, “Instead of a circle of grief expressed sonically, I began to produce sounds that led to an intense release of energy, like a rebirth. You will hear it in the song; it starts with the quiet, introspective tone of one entering an unfamiliar world, but the energy increases to an exploratory mode, and then grows into a triumphant celebration.”

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