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Sugi Dakks drops his powerful new EP 'Deeply Rooted'

Following on from the huge success of his previous single ‘Colors’, which landed on Tidal’s Rising Hip-Hop playlist, and recent brass-filled jam ‘Cynicism’, as well as becoming the first ever artist to be invited to perform on Sofar Sounds Virtual Tour, LA-based singer and songwriter Sugi Dakks now returns to deliver his eagerly-awaited  new EP ‘Deeply Rooted’, led up by the new lead single ‘Not The Only One’.

As an artist that always looks to bring a bold and vibrant sound to everything he creates, ‘Deeply Rooted’ looks to cement that legacy with its fresh and intoxicating sound. Channeling the bright and soaring aesthetic of the classic funk and soul styles, before blending it with his own unique hip-hop flow, his new collection is a strong and powerful endeavour that shines with positive and reassuring energy.

Describing the new EP, Sugi said,‘Deeply Rooted’ is an EP that explores my personal identity, the identity of others, and how we come to shape our identities. When it comes to racism, self-hatred, prejudice, bias, discrimination, and all forms of inequality, all of these are deeply ingrained in our society and deeply ingrained in most everyones personal story. Through this EP, I was able to share my story of how I viewed myself, how it differed from the viewpoints of my peers and the general society, and how bigotry is such a destructive engine that ruins people’s lives, livelihood, and self-worth.”

In the build up to this new release, Sugi Dakks also unveiled a brand new poem called ‘Manifesto Of The Human’, which was inspired by the experiences that friends and family had gone through since the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown. Watch HERE.

Adding about the poem, he said, As lead up to the EP, I had the great opportunity of sitting down with close friends and family to talk about how they’d been feeling through quarantine, have important discussions about race, and try to encourage others to talk to their inner circles and do the same.”


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