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Sully Gravity drops soul-dripped single ‘Fake Love’

Singer-songwriter Sully Gravity impresses on his newest offering ‘Fake Love’, showcasing his stand-out RnB and Gospel inspired vocals and perfectly emotive delivery. The delicacy of the track captivates from the very start, and wearing his heart on his sleeve, Sully transports listeners, with his raw tone allowing us to feel every note he sings.

Discussing the single, Sully said: “‘Fake Love’ is a soulful “out of love” song with a splash of electronic. The song, written as a reflection on the end of a relationship, marks my resolve to start a new chapter. I feel like you always have signals of the end of a relationship and I was too blind to see them, but in hindsight, there’s always something to learn.”

Sully grew up listening to a wide range of music, from classic soul to Nigerian Pop/Afrobeat as well as RnB/Gospel. Having performed at over 100 sets all over London, impromptu performing with Jamie Cullum at BBC Intro Live, performing in Nashville and successfully touring France and Spain in a joint project with Sofar Sounds, Sully is making a name for himself and we can’t wait to see what he shares next.

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