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T. McCrae Releases New Music Video For Feel-Good Track "Every Little Thing I Do"

After releasing a number of hits last year, rising artist T.McCrae releases his new music video for his feel-good, upbeat, & empowering R&B track “Every Little Thing I Do."

When asked about the inspiration behind “Every Little Thing I Do” T. McCrae explains, “Every Little Thing I Do is a feel good record about one unexpectedly getting struck by the love bug so to speak, keeping it light, it's the sunshine after the storm type of record.. Obviously after the very significant storm the world has endured with the pandemic, Every Little Thing I Do brings in some much needed sunshine and love and good vibes.”

T. McCrae possesses a stage presence and vocal range rivalling many of today’s A-list pop stars, but it is his natural ease, contagious sense of joy, and blending of traditional R&B and modern influences that distinguishes him from even many of today’s more established performers. From iHeartRadio, Spotify and Apple Music interviews, from live performances and hundreds of thousand streams to being on the top #10 on FM Radio stations—who are constantly spinning “Every Little Thing I Do”, recording artist T. McCrae is everywhere. What you can expect from a T. McCrae’s live performances are fire and electrifying energy.

Check out the music video now!

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