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t.RUTH delivers the power-pop anthem 'I Don't Need To Be Saved'

After cementing herself as a glittering name emerging on the scene thanks to her breakthrough offerings ‘Good Enough’, ‘Toodle-Oo’, and ‘Electric Gold’, Irish artist t.RUTH is back to her vibrant ways once again on the anthemic new single 'I Don't Need To Be Saved'.

Channelling a wonderfully sweet and alluring direction that looks to borrow from the 80s power-pop sound, 'I Don't Need To Be Saved' makes for a brilliantly alluring listen. With her warm and dynamic voice layered across a soaring production from start to finish, she is continuing her rise as one of the more captivating names arriving today.

Speaking about her newest release, she said, "I Don't Need To Be Saved' is about standing up to the pressures of social media and 'it’s perfect lies'. It's about controlling the 'monkey mind', being unapologetic, brave, bold and confident in yourself."

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