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The Cavs release dynamic new single 'Man In The Suit'

Since forming in 2019, Manchester-based five piece The Cavs have been fast making an impression and building a solid fan base. With a number of hometown gigs under their belt, including at Brickworks, Old Pint Pot and AATMA, The Cavs kicked off 2020 by playing their biggest show to date, a sellout headliner at Retro Bar. Their latest single 'Man In The Suit' thoroughly shows off this live experience with a sound ready to belt out at a gig.

On the new release they explain “‘Man in The Suit’, put simply, is about if those who lived at the top lived life at the bottom, even just for a day, the world would be a better place. The song was written in 2019 and recording started in early 2020. Due to the pandemic, recording took the best part of a year to finish. Whilst this was the case we found that the meaning of this song grew far more prominent as the year unfolded. It means a lot to us as a band and we hope the message resonates to musicians, artists, creatives and people alike.”

Indeed, the track is stock full of dynamism and power, complete with energetically soaring indie vocals and scintillating guitar riffs. If this single is anything to go by, these lot are certainly worth keeping an ear out for in 2021!


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