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The Cookie Jar Complot drop instrumental rock project ‘Caviar Capital’

The instrumental indie-rock project of two long-time friends hailing from Luxembourg, ‘Caviar Capital’ is an EP that carves out a unique sonic journey. Each of the 4 tracks carry their own distinctive groove that will have you foot tapping in no time..

The band delivers a wealth of dynamic rhythms, post-rock soundscapes and intertwined guitar melodies. Drawing from a rich palette of influences, The Cookie Jar Complot also looked to other Luxembourgish acts to find their musical voices. Gilles and Sven have played and written for multiple Luxembourg-based music acts, and by teaming up for The Cookie Jar Complot, their aim was to create compelling instrumental music that you can dance to.

Discussing the new EP, The Cookie Jar Complot share: "’Caviar Capital’ is the end result of about 10 years of a musical friendship that matured into an EP of 4 songs exhibiting our best qualities.”


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