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The Endorphins' 'Parachute' is a gossamer piece of slow R&B

There's some about the synchronicity of blood relatives in music that you just can't beat. Think of Kllo, Haim, Ibeyi and so on... perhaps there's some innate understanding that advances the creative process. At least, that's our theory that we feel could be proven by Swedish siblings The Endorphins.

Alva Heldt is the singer with the golden voice and August Heldt is the producer, and together they first began writing 'Parachute' five years before moving onto the lyrics. Like to old saying goes, good things come to those who wait. Their patience results in this gossamer piece of R&B inspired by the magical-yet-terrifying feeling of falling in love.

'Parachute' really does show off their talents to their finest. The Endorphins' Alva and August are a musical match made in heaven.

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