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The Indios Release 'Columbian Drugs'

There is no mistaking the fresh new alt-pop jungle vibes of UK based collective ‘The Indios’.

Following their move from Latin America, The Indios formed in London as an experimental group in 2016 and were determined to make their mark in the UK scene. Their unique and irreverent musical stylings are a proud badge of their approach to unifying UK indie-electronic and Reggaeton.

Their latest track ‘Colombian Drugs’ uses it’s rooted Latino, Reggaton style and classic bouncing beat combined with indie electronic melodies to create a dynamic party track. With a magnetic rhythm and captivating jungle vibes, the track has an addictively unique soundscape.

In a similar vein to their musical stylings, the track lyrically flows between English and Spanish to sound comfortable to the English language listener while keeping in line with their Latin roots. However they explore the global-minded problem of the negative impacts of drugs on individuals and society. “This song is about the other side of the coin when it comes to drugs. Not the usual story of a lavish life of pleasure but the darker side of it. The song means a lot to us since we come from a country very affected by this", they explain.

Led by Colombian producer Juan Contento alongside fellow Colombian artist and drummer Felipe Rojas, the group have since gone onto perform around the UK and Colombia as a part of Blazed by God Records.

We can’t wait to hear what’s next from this unique group.

Check it out below!


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