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The Last Skeptik shares his anticipated alternative rap album ‘you don’t like me but I’m still here'

There’s no denying that The Last Skeptik, AKA rapper & producer Corin Liall Douieb, has been causing a stir. With credentials under his belt including compositions for the likes of Rihanna and Mercedes, it’s no surprise that his new album ‘you don’t like me but I’m still here’ has turned heads and got people talking. The Last Skeptik’s strain of alternative rap is deeply personal and witty, sharing narratives of growing up in London whilst exploring identity and relationships. His sound draws from a multitude of sources whilst still being entirely undefinable. Fiercely outspoken and emotional, this album is something truly special.

His latest single ‘Billboards’ reflects on the success of the people around him while Douieb himself is ‘in the offie’ and on the bus, but he concludes that he’s happy sitting in the midst of different scenes that he doesn’t quite fit into.


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