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The perfect soundtrack to summer, 'oxytocin' is the latest release from American artist Azariel Fly

Teaming up with BLA on vocals for the captivating new single 'oxytocin', Azariel Fly is quickly becoming the talk of the town. Receiving praise from VENTS, CLOUT and 1883 Magazine, the exquisite new single feels like the empowering boost we all need to get through the week. A truly breathtaking release that showcases Azariel's alternative hip-hop roots, the contemporary R&B number is playful and irresistibly original.

Telling us what he thinks about the track, Azariel Fly shares, “oxytocin is a song that brings a pure, joyous vibe to anyone’s day. I want to make people dance and in the song, it expresses the sensations and “emotions humans will feel when they’re experiencing that love & joy.”

Somewhat afrobeat in places, the complex rhythm jives throughout to create an unforgettable soundscape suitable to leave a smile on your face. Atmospheric and energetic, 'oxytocin' certainly is the soundtrack to summer.

Stream 'oxytocin' below.


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