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Things are Positively Bitter for George Gaudy

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

A few weeks ago, Greek singer-songwriter George Gaudy released his brand new single ‘Bitter Princess Isabella’, which will form part of an album planned for release further down the line. The Greek artist now resides in London after making the big decision to move to the UK. He had already built a significant fanbase and achieved various impressive feats including his music being synced for television and winning awards for his music.

The track is defined by a country folk/ pop sound and echoes authenticity. In this case it’s great to hear such a simple vocal melody being backed up by the female backing vocals and combined with all the elements this track has a vintage hue to it.

When George was in the studio creating this track, he made it his mission to remain as true to the particular era of sound that he envisaged in his head, so he made sure to only use top of the range renowned vintage hardware and analogue equipment for the record.

‘Bitter Princess Isabella’ marks the start of a new era for George. It is the first record he has released independently as he previously had the backing of a major label in Greece and thus, this track has been entirely self-funded. He has in no way cut back on costs for this recording however and he walked straight into famous Times Studios in Hackney to get this song cut.

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