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TIEM drops feel-good track ‘Soweto / Friend Mi Wan’

Emerging recording artist and singer-songwriter TIEM returns with his newest slick track ‘Soweto / Friend Mi Wan’. His striking brand of R&B, afrobeats and trap are highly stand-out, creating vibes that make you want to dance. The empowering track inspiringly celebrates strong women, and his smooth vocals are charismatically delivered.

Discussing the single, TIEM said: The song Soweto acknowledges the importance of having a strong friendship with a strong woman in your life. It's such a fulfilling feeling when you know that somebody you can rely on has your back come rain or sunshine. And this is that song dedicated to all the strong women in my life and beyond.”

Music has been a part of TIEM’s life from a young age, becoming a serious pursuit in his 20s due to a growing appreciation and an ear for great music. Already turning heads, TIEM is constantly working on new gems, and we are awaiting his next release with great anticipation.

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