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Tiiva adds electro-pop spin to Luan Mei’s ‘Yellow’

UK based talents Tiiva and Luan Mei have collaborated for a dynamic and buoyant remix. The track, reminiscent of Charli XCX’s sound, is echoey, bright and ethereal. It’s upbeat, otherworldly vibe adds an exciting layer to the original recording, showcasing Tiiva’s top tier production skills and Luan’s beautiful tone.

Tiiva explains how the collaboration came about: “Luan Mei's song called my attention as it's the perfect emotive journey that an LGBTQIA person goes through, discovering themselves and the new landscape of realizations. As soon as I heard it I wanted to dive in and make a remix, adding fun to all the conversations about life. Our queerness and music identity heavily inspired where I wanted to take this song.”

Listen to the brand new version of ‘Yellow’ below:

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