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Tizane Releases Captivating single ‘Dead To Me’

Entering a new phase in her artistic career, rising singer-songwriter Tizane started the new year off with a vibrant new release; her brand new, captivating single ‘Dead To Me’, that details the struggles she has fought with her mental health.

Melancholic and filled with candid emotion, the pulsating soundscape features an eclectic use of deep wavering synths and light punctual percussive beats to create an ominous and gloomy aura that runs throughout. Perfectly capturing the energy of the song, and the deeper narrative, the distinctive soundscape sets the scene of a dark struggle with an intangible force.

Tizane’s earthy vocals accentuate the mood and atmosphere of the song, and its tale of love and loss, with the track seeing both her and her partner both being written off, and ‘dead to the other’. In a similar manner as her previous release ‘Are You Bad’, Tizane creates a mysterious underlying tale of treachery and deceit which leaves the listener there to digest the meaning behind the song in their own mind.

With her forthcoming debut album, ‘Cherry’, on the horizon; ‘Dead To Me’ is the latest single taken from the collection of self-produced ballads that are to make up the forthcoming project. Set for release in late February this year, ‘Cherry’ is the next step in Tizane further cementing her position as a dazzling alt-pop icon.

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