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Tizane Returns with 'Cherry' Drop

After raising notable intrigue from her previous releases ‘Are You Bad?’ and ‘He Took It All Back’, 19 year old Tizane is set to release her stunning debut album ‘Cherry’, with the titular lead single an exciting taste of what to expect from the LP.

Opening with the singer-songwriter’s bewitching vocals over a subtle click track, the song explodes into a funk-laden melody, with groovy synths, a punchy bassline and speckled percussion twisting your expectations. Whilst it still follows her usual indie-pop route, Tizane displays her dynamic ability with the genre-blending, and proves that her artistry is far beyond her years.

Whilst her music is fun and fiery, her lyrical depth is what makes her so special, as she tackles difficult topics within her songwriting with sincerity and virtue. As she has openly spoken about her struggles with mental health, Tizane uses her music to express those feelings, and allows the message to resonate with fans who may be experiencing similar situations, an aspect that has made her so valued by listeners.

With ‘Cherry’ set to be a stunning debut from the London artist, 2021 is going to be a pinnacle year for Tizane.

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