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TOMMASO keeps it dreamy on new track 'Better On T.V.'

Previously working behind the scenes for a multitude of artists these last few years, Chicago native and eclectic multi-instrumentalist Tommaso Veronesi takes centre stage in his self-titled project TOMMASO as he unveils his eagerly-awaited sophomore offering ‘Better On T.V.’

Following on from the release of his highly-praised debut ‘Brother’ earlier this year, ‘Better On T.V.’ looks to toe the line between the bright and euphoric side of lo-fi rock with the catchiness of indie-pop to create an instantly captivating earworm with bags of summery vibes. Self-recorded and self-produced throughout, his newest delight looks to continue the thoughtful and nuanced rock n’ roll path with a fun, playful spirit and punk rock heart.

Speaking about his new release, he said, “‘Better On T.V.’ is a friendly reminder to both my listeners and myself to not get too caught up and consumed by everything we see in our digital world.”

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