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Tonner releases 'Train To Paris'

Tonner is an indie-pop marvel with a knack for clever writing and crafted production. 'Train To Paris' is a must listen release with desert rock guitar riffs flirting next to the gliding vocal, driving on at a steady pace with gorgeous chorus falsetto lines.

Discussing the release Tonner explains:

Train To Paris is inspired by a true story of losing everything, running all the way across the pond to get away from an old life, and finding myself stronger than ever. This song took me years to write, and after that I wasn’t sure I wanted to share it with anyone. When I play it, I’m mentally revisiting a transformational time in my life. I have to get into that space to really give the vocals the right energy. Kind of like saying “fuck you, I’m doing this on my own.”

Having written for major films and national TV, Tonner's work comes from his Orlando studio and his upcoming EP Whispers In The Dark is no different. For now though, soak up 'Train To Paris' - make sure you add this track to all your isolation playlists!

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