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Toronto's Just John releases 'Open Wound' with visual EP, This Is Fate

The EP is a deeply personal project for Just John, its creation resulted from a long, hard journey of self-discovery where he was forced to face all the ugly, volatile and vulnerable aspects of himself in order to achieve enlightenment. Now, having found the end of the tunnel, Just John hopes to create music that will act as a beacon of light for all those who stand in the darkness where he once stood himself. The This Is Fate EP is his way of sharing that journey with his fans, he believes that in embracing his own weakness and weirdness, he can encourage others to do the same. Through his art, Just John is creating a path so that others can follow his leather-booted footsteps into the light, and it’s precisely this embrace of vulnerability within and around him that has led to his boldest work of art to date.

As the focus track for the EP and the only song to not be released as a single, ‘Open Wound’ is the centre of attention on the project and deservedly so, it’s an incredibly impactful track and super catchy but in the best possible way. The acoustic guitar-led instrumental lays a wonderful foundation for Just John’s distorted rap vocals as well as the rousing trap-infused beats which add a real sinister flare and dark atmosphere to the track, reminiscent of the late XXX-tentacion and some of Lil Uzi Vert’s work.

Just John’s ability to seamlessly mix and blend influences from across genres like punk, grunge, hip-hop, rap, trap and rock n’ roll is particularly impressive and one of the most enjoyable aspects of ‘Open Wound’ alongside his alarmingly emotive lyrics and the overall mood of the song. He has his own distinct brand of music and personal style, yet every new release is something fresh and new, Just John keeps fans guessing and with a visual element due to accompany the lead single, we know that there can only be greatness in store.


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