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"Touché Coulé" by Mikano is perfect for your playlist

While it is usually appropriate to start from the beginning, we’re keen to begin from the ending of Mikano’s "Touché Coulé". It appears that the Parisian rapper received a heartwarming message which was worth sharing. The track closes with a voice message from a friend expressing admiration and praise towards the artist’s devotion and creativity. Mikano puts this in his song to explain his purpose. A few moments of audio are worth a thousand words! It is a tasteful thing to have a vibrant song precede this message. "Touché Coulé" exemplifies Mikano’s craft and pulls listeners into his groovy dimension. With a colourful sound and a clean energy, his music is a pleasure to the palate. Ladies and gentlemen, sit back cause Mikano is about to pop off and saturate all of our playlists!


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