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Track of the Day: Nicole Chambers' 'Warm Body'

When we first heard Nicole Chambers' album track 'Warm Body', we instantly knew that it had to be our Track of the Day over here at Get It Shared. It's a sumptuous slice of soul-soaked R&B through which the Canadian artist ruminates on the pitfalls of love and loneliness.

As Chambers says of this introspectively honest single:

“I wanted to feel loved by someone who couldn’t fully love me. I was just a temporary void that needed to be filled, and we both knew that. I didn’t want to admit it to myself at the time but I was just a warm body. When I wrote this song in summer ’17, I knew that I was ready to release myself of old patterns and habits, so that I could finally put myself first. Many of us stay in bad situation-ships because we are so afraid of being alone, but that shouldn’t be enough of a reason to invest your energy, your love or your time into someone who refuses to do the same”

'Warm Body' is taken from Nicole Chamber's debut album, Voice Of A Virgo, which you should definitely check out here.


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