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Twenty6 releases infectious new single ‘Are You For Real’

‘Are You For Real’ is Twenty6 latest offering and comes in the form of a mash up of different electronic styles. Twenty6 is the project of Alex Burkett, a music producer, and Loren Hannon, a singer-songwriter, who luckily met through chance in 2020. With a nod to house and dance, the track showcases Twenty6’s talented musicianship.

Speaking about the release Alex shares: “I've always been a fan of Disclosure and their use of interesting melodies and bouncy bass. I wanted to recreate something with a similar vibe, something that makes you want to dance, something you can't help but bop your head to when you hear it. We have a home studio and I started making this while Loren was cooking dinner. She came running in so excited when she heard it!!”

Loren Hannon also shares: “The lyrics came to me pretty much straight away. When I first met Alex and was getting to know him, we started realizing we had so much in common and the longer I spent with him started thinking to myself "woahh, are you for real?" That was my inspiration for the lyrics.”

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