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Tyrin brings the energy on new single 'What It Costed'

Having already cemented himself as one of the more inventive names on the scene right now thanks to his breakthrough debut LP ‘Moodswings’ and recent comeback single ‘It’s All Alright’, Brooklyn-based artist Tyrin is back to his adventurous ways as he drops the driven new effort 'What It Costed'.

Blending a warm and breezy R&B aesthetic with a fast-paced pop-punk-inspired energy gives 'What It Costed' an incredibly distinctive feel from start to finish. With his bold and heartfelt vocals permeating throughout this vibrant new gem, he has delivered one of his most enticing releases here.

Adding about the new track, he said, “It's about realizing your bad habits are coming back to the surface but not letting it take control over yourself.”

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