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Ukrainian duo Polyvoda reflect life in war on new single 'Sirens'

While the whole world has looked on in horror at the events unfolding in Ukraine on a near daily basis, emerging duo Kyrylo Chykhradze and Denys Levchenko aka Polyvoda have looked to turn their frustrations and anger against the war into art with the brilliantly engaging new single 'Sirens'.

Capturing a warm and enticing direction from start to finish, 'Sirens' looks to reflect the realities of life within Ukraine today, and what has affected their daily lives. Thought-provoking and alluring throughout, they have elegantly pushed back against Russian propaganda to deliver a truer sense of their experiences over the past year.

Adding about the release, they said, "Russian propaganda may sound as the sirens of myth, but to us, it’s characterised by the air raid sirens, the missile strikes, sirens of violence and suffering."

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