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Unwired Society release new punk single ‘Blackout’

Crafting a high-octane sound, emerging band Unwired Society have released their new single ‘Blackout’. Alongside driving guitars and storming rhythms, Brit-style vocals wrap around the dark and energetic track. The band have created a thick punk soundscape, with authentic lyricism alluding to the Black Lives Matter movement and the need to stand up against oppression.

Unwired Society have performed in venues across Hull, including Jaz Bar, Off The Road Live Lounge, O’Riley’s and Adelphi where they headlined their first gig. In 2019, they performed at festivals such as the Hull Youth Music Festival, Tribest and Humber Street Sesh. Firm favourites on the Hull scene, Unwired Society bring relentless energy to their live performances which earn them big crowds. Inspired by the likes of Green Day, Rancid and Anti Flag, this is a band set to make their mark on the punk scene.


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