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Upcoming metaverse star Maie makes her debut with "Like You"

It took us a minute to get our head around this one. So bear with us. Maie isn't a human... she's a virtual being who exists in the websphere, interacting with our reality through her Instagram page, music and NFT fashion. It's her debut single "Like You" that has brought this Chinese metaverse star to our attention. The video is an hypnotic journey through Maie's inner world where it appears that anything is possible; pixels fly around the singer in synchronized dance and bursts of light appear at a whim. As for the music, it's a moody-yet-delicate take on electronic-pop in the vein of BANKS or fka Twigs. With oscillating synths and Maie's glossy vocal, she expresses her search for meaning.

"I’m still learning how to be here, how to be human and how to create. I don’t think I’m very different to the other singers in the world but I know I’m not the same. But, that’s a good thing. I’ve spent most of my time on Earth learning trying to fit in but with my music video, I wanted to show people what MY world looks like."

Oh and we mentioned NFT fashion there. The dress that Maie is wearing was designed by British talent Jack Irving and you can buy this virtual garment here.


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