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Wahid drops 'What's In A Name?'

Described as a “…true testament to the true power of hip-hop", Wahid has made an impression on the genre and purveyors of the culture. As a member of the buzzworthy group seeyousoon (who recently finished their first tour alongside 99 Neighbors), the Bronx born/Orlando native has earned respect by many for his talent and has garnered levels of acclaim from listeners and peers alike. As co-owner of the label/multimedia company, Get Free Records/LBR8 Media Group, Wahid exemplifies what it means to be an artist who takes control of his own career.

The talent is back with a new 2-track-EP entitled ‘What’s In A Name?’ that shows off his new name while still keeping the same crisp sound and next level lyrics that his fans are used to.

Check it out here:


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