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‘Warmth’ is the newest single from juuku

Up-and-coming multitalent juuku is back with his first single of 2021 ‘Warmth’. The writer, producer, vocalist, and cinema 4d prodigy carries a captivating energy that always stuns, and ‘Warmth’ is no exception. Its atmospheric and ethereal production is instantly ear-catching, as it ebbs and flows between the mellow and the dramatic. Juuku explains: “This track, along with my upcoming ep, represents my never ending journey searching for warmth in this cold world”. ‘Warmth’ is the first taste of juuku’s forthcoming EP which will be the second release on the label Moving Castle.

Impressively releasing 22 tracks in 2020, the rising producer built up a strong network of support from the likes of MrSuicideSheep, bitbird, Trap Nation, Proximity, Diplo and Friends, and many others. Showing a diversity in his sound, ‘Warmth’ has us in great anticipation of what we can expect from his imminent EP.

Listen to the track below:


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