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'whisper' marks Eugenia Post Meridiems mesmerising third single

They say 3 is the magic number or third times the charm and in this case it most certainly is. Based in Italy, 4-piece band Eugenia Post Meridiem have returned with their third and final single 'whisper' ahead of their exciting new album release 'like i need tension' out next month.

The enchanting, nuanced and alluring 'whisper' follows the jam packed 'around my neck' and the incredible 'willpower'. In as little as 6 weeks, Eugenia Post Meridiem have shared 3 exceptional singles, keeping their eye firmly on the prize as they fully exploring the concept that consistency is key with press and fans alike having a field day with all this charismatic and eclectic new music to add to their collections.

Eugenia Post Meiridem's music is overflowing with quality and creativity and we know the album is going to be jam packed with even more colour, exploration and complete and utter ecstacy.

Connect with Eugenia Post Meridiem here: Instagram | | Facebook


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