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Will Knox's 'Pillow Scream' is an unmissable acoustic gem

As a fellow champion of authentic songwriting and the power of acoustic music, Will Knox's "Pillow Scream" hits all the right notes. This single feels like a warm hug from a dear friend, a raw and honest exploration of unspoken emotions that resonates deeply. Knox's vocals are wonderfully vulnerable, laid bare over a bed of solo acoustic guitar. The subtle use of synths and strings adds atmosphere without overwhelming the song's core – the powerful message of breaking free from the shackles of unspoken truths. The timing of the release, coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Week, feels particularly poignant. Knox's honesty in admitting his struggles with expressing himself resonates with anyone who's ever held back their feelings for fear of rejection. It's a powerful reminder that living authentically, even when it's scary, is vital for our well-being. "Pillow Scream" serves as a beautiful reminder that vulnerability isn't weakness, but strength. It's a call to open up, speak our truth, and prioritize mental health by prioritizing honesty with ourselves and others. This is more than just a new single, it's a conversation starter, and I for one, am eager to hear the rest of what Will Knox has to say on his upcoming album.


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