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World Goes Round get real with single ‘Rebel Heart’

It’s not often a band comes along to shake up the scene and offer up a whole new sound. Well, luckily for us, World Goes Back with another sensational single to do just that. ‘Rebel Heart’ is the radiant latest single from the throwback band of the year. This “supergroup that never was” is made up of Frank Musker, Elizabeth Lamers, Jeff Hull and Marty Walsh. When Marty Walsh discovered a hidden treasure in the form of a dusty cassette tape, he set into motion a revolutionary treat for popular music. Having met back in the 1980s, these four industry titans decided to pen some songs just for them, allowing their heart’s truths and personal experiences to reign in these sessions. With an immensely impressive roster of collaborations between them - Queen, Chaka Khan, Dolly Parton and Quincy Jones to name but a few of an overwhelming huge list - you can imagine how sensational these songs truly are. Their self-titled album ‘World Goes Round’ bursting onto the scene last October, the group already have around four hundred thousand streams fuelling their Spotify feed right now. It’s of no doubt their upcoming single ‘Rebel Heart’ will see just the same success.

‘Rebel Heart’ is the infectiously energetic hit set to dominate our daily soundtracks when it’s released on the 22nd of this month. With Frank Musker’s and Elizabeth Lamer’s vocals propelling this track to new heights, the duo showcases the vibrant vocals and performance power that cements World Goes Round as such a pivotal act rising the ranks this year. Marty Walsh and Jeff Hull fuel this track with the formidable force of professionals in their prime; honestly, with a team of such immensely talented individuals, it’s hard not to just sit and listen in awe when cranking up the volume for this track. Tommy Vicari, the mind behind tracks from Prince and Quincy Jones, produced these tracks straight from cassette - yes, a cassette tape. Yet, these tracks have more certainly not lost the fresh sound and sparkle of the electric energy of the eighties. At its heart, ‘Rebel Heart’ holds one unwavering truth; no matter which way the political winds blow, those with rebellion in their hearts will always live true to themselves. In the current climate, with revolution on the rise as political pillars seem to be crumbling, it’s almost as if World Goes Round had a crystal ball. This track is landing just when we need it. So, as we gradually go into the new year, it’s high time World Goes Round remind us of what’s truly important as they colour our grey days with their captivating chorus “don’t think I’m like the rest of them, I got a rebel heart.

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