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YASSiN is bringing the good times on 'Take My Time'

Following on from the enormous success of his previously shared single ‘No Flowers’, which has garnered over 160,000 streams and one million views on Facebook since its release, Toronto-based singer, songwriter and producer YASSiN is back to do it all again on his uplifting new offering ‘Take My Time’.

Collaborating with Sean Terrio for the release, ‘Take My Time’ sees the artist deliver a wonderfully fresh and vibrant new release. Channeling a rich and diverse aesthetic, which sees him borrow from the worlds of indie-pop, soul, and classic disco, his newest delight will firmly fix a smile to your face from start to finish.

Speaking about the new single, he said, Take My Time was written in the early months of quarantine, on a dark rainy day. I wrote this song as an escape from the circumstances of the world. It is a love song that embodies the pure joy of being with someone you love. It has a hint of silliness to it. It is a dreamers song about forgetting the complications of the world and feeling free with your partner. I say at the beginning of the track "Maybe stand a little closer" Which is something I hope people do when they dance to this one. It's also me dreaming of the day where we don't have to be 6 feet apart from each other. This song to me is about true love that you'd spend a life waiting for, hope that gets you up and has you moving forward even in bleak days, and pure ridiculous fun.”


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