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Your New Favourite Artist: Mimah

With her latest EP 'Panacea' being released, Mimah is on the road to success despite all the pandemic mayhem.

Defined as “a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases,” Panacea displays the rapper/pop artist’s ability to switch up genres in the emotionally charged five-track EP while breaking down everyday struggles. Her songs will make listeners want to get up and dance while feeling they’re in an existential crisis. Mimah will have you easing away those lockdown blues via a combination of dancing and possibly even crying too. This is the beauty of Mimah's work - it is so versatile in terms of genre and also with its themes.  

When asked in a recent interview, ‘What inspires you to write a song?’ Mimah responded: “I’m inspired by emotion and tend to only write when I’m in an intense state of one. This won’t always mean when I’m sad or mad- even just when I’m excited about something. I like writing dreamy, psychedelic lyrics that are quite cartoon-like.” Mimah is at the cutting edge of music now, her sound encompassing elements of rap, hip-hop, trap, pop and soul. 

All in all, Mimah’s music is a harmonious blend of rap, soulful singing, great songwriting and sleek production. Go check out this one-to-watch, and give her a follow over on the gram @mimahmusic - you'll get even more of a flavour of who Mimah is as an individual there, but if you really wanna find out more - go stream the music. 

Stream ‘Panacea’ here:

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