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YUNG Citizen unleashes 'Browne's Ferry'

Taken from his EP, 'Formula', YUNG Citizen has graced his fans with a brand new track entitled, 'Browne's Ferry'. The track consists of Heavy beats and insightful lyrics, which makes the track magnetic to the ear!

When speaking about the track, he said: "Brownes Ferry is the first track from YUNG Citizen’s newest project titled Formula. This project is my way of figuring out how this music ‘thing’ works, and what part it will play in my life. So I thought I would take people back to the beginning, where it all started for me-Brownes Ferry. Behind the beat, YUNG Citizen introduces a soulful sound to incorporate his earlier memories of the diverse and cultural neighbourhood he grew up in. From a lyrical perspective, he allows his audience to take a closer look into his life and upbringing. One of my favorite lines from this song is ‘On a swivel, looking both ways cause I’m always woke’. It’s so powerful to me because of the experiences I’ve had growing up as a child and now as an adult African American male. I’ve always felt like I have to be super aware of my surroundings, but also looking both ways so I can continue to move forward in life in a positive manner.” 

Make sure to listen to the track below:

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