Yung Skrrt and AOBeats team up for ‘Fear of God’ featuring Pollari

Dream team Yung Skrrt and AOBeats collaborate with Pollari on their new track ‘Fear of God’. The single is taken from Yung Skrrt & AOBeats’ forthcoming EP ‘Casual Racer’, which drops later this month. The single is the perfect party starting track packed with vibrant, reverberating beats and slightly distorted vocals.

Yung Skrrt is a multi-talented artist and producer based in LA. In between his own solo releases, he has worked with notable artists including Ka5sh, Houdinne, and Lunafreya amongst others. AOBeats, born Andrew Okamura, found his way into the emerging Soundcloud scene in 2013, going on to become a touring artist and establishing the collective and now label, Moving Castle. The pair are bringing together their fresh ideas to make for something unique and exciting, and their upcoming EP is not to be missed.

Listen below: