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Zach James Douglas releases stylistically diverse new single 'I’d Breathe For You'

Zach James Douglas has released stylistically diverse single 'I’d Breathe For You' from his upcoming EP '4x2’.

'I'd Breathe For You' is packed with interesting production and infectious melodies. Mellow, grooving guitars to impactful choruses can all be found on his latest offering, and these are all blended together with electronic components that thicken the texture making the track pop. The single features guest vocals from Douglas’ compatriot ‘Honas’ who has garnered 11 million streams on DSPs, which showcases another impressive element of the single.

Speaking to us about the release he says: “I wrote ”I’d Breathe For You” as a way to address the mental drain that comes with the search for a sustainable, intimate connection during lockdown and the excitement and rejuvenation that is gained from encountering someone who you feel is truly special.”

Zach James Douglas is now gearing up to release his EP '4x2' and we can't wait. Speaking to us about this upcoming project he says: "4x2” is unlike anything I’ve ever written before. I’m usually quite an autobiographical writer. I write as a form of catharsis, as a way to unpack my own anxieties and insecurities, but with this EP, given that we were collectively living in a unique moment in time, within this one shared experience, where every person was dealing with the same fears, the same constant uncertainty and carried a similar uneasy sense of hope that things were eventually going to get better, I felt I had to step outside of my own little bubble and try to write about something a little more universal."


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