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Ziyaad Luceō channels a romantic spirit on 'Prologue: Past Has Beauty' EP

Known for his smooth and endearing approach to the R&B sound thanks to a flurry of rich and illuminating delights these last few years, emerging artist Ziyaad Luceō is looking to channel a romantic spirit on his captivating 'Prologue: Past Has Beauty' EP.

Honing another heady dose of rich and passionate textures from start to finish, this seven-track collection makes for an incredible warm and sensual listen. With his light yet powerful vocals layered across a shimmering production throughout, he is certainly looking to pull on our heartstrings with this one.

Speaking about 'Prologue: Past Has Beauty', he said, “In order to unlock your future, it is key to remember your past. Past memories. Past relationships. Past joy. Past beauty. All of these key elements were critical to the creation of this project, "Prologue: Past Has Beauty". A remastered compilation of old releases between the years 2017 to 2019 will serve as a flashback and provide a deeper insight into this developing story created by Ziyaad Luceō. Detailing the realities of party culture and modern relationships, "Past Has Beauty" is an audio journey that invites the listener into a world consisting of sex, drugs, and young love.”

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