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'2070' - the 12-track wonder album by glue70.

Having already made a considerable impact this year by dropping not only one but two double single releases in June and July, featuring the soulful, Jazz infused ‘Dark Days’ & 'Time Goes Slow' alongside the bittersweet summer ballad ‘Days Go On’ & 'Til You Say'. Majestic Casual's glue70 has returned to finally bless us with what we have all been waiting for. The 12-track wonder that is '2070'. Containing 6 previously released classic tunes and 6 brand new offerings, this is a hefty project to stick your teeth into.

“Always chase your dreams and have faith in your ambitions, regardless of your current situation.” - glue70

Oozing with those light, airy, alt R&B vocals we hold so dear, glue70 is joined by another vocalist, Katie Miller for the single track of the album - 'Observe'. Featuring the twos vocals, overlapping and harmonising, creating a uniquely intimate duet. Kin Kai also makes his mark on the tracks 'Roll The Dice' and 'All I Can Send' leaving his conscious, identifiable tone and laid back, thoughtful bars. A project simply crying out to be enjoyed all summer long, add it to your chillax evening playlists ASAP.

"This project is an exploration of my thoughts, dreams and ideas. Both introspective and extroverted, 2070 bounces back and forth through different mind states, like walking through the many different rooms in my brain hotel. Enjoy your stay!" - glue70


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